evelopers of 1inch Sell Off Entire Wallet of Rival Altcoin at a Loss

Team Investment Fund, owned by 1inch, sold all of its UniSwap (UNI) altcoin holdings. In the transaction that took place hours ago, the fund sold a total of 416,924 UNIs for 2.13 million USDC at a price of $5.11 per UNI.

UNI is trading at $4.97 at the time of this writing.

This sale followed the fund’s initial purchase of 299,849 UNI at $6.67 on February 10, which provided liquidity on UniSwap. However, the latest sale shows 1inch divested all of its UNI assets at a loss.

Despite this, 1inch Team Investment Fund still has significant assets. The fund’s main assets are as follows:

  • 1INCH: $89.69 million
  • USDC: $30.48 million
  • USDT: $16.00 million
  • STETH: $13.71 million
  • ETH: $8.13 million
  • WETH: $6.15 million
  • AMPL: $3.19 million

However, another cryptocurrency whale sold a large amount of Ethereum. The whale moved 19,304 Ethereum coins worth $37.16 million to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. About two hours ago, another ETH whale sold 7,500 ETH for 14.41 million dollars and had only 2,500 ETH left.

*This is not investment advice.


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